Recent News

from the Heath

Visitors will have seen that recently some improvement work has been carried out on the Heath, and for this we are indebted to the Lower Mole Project.

Much clearance work has been done around the War Memorial, in time for the WWI Centenary Service at the beginning of August, and more will be done in the coming weeks, so that the Memorial will once again be visible from different parts of the Heath. For newcomers to the Heath a fingerpost has been installed in the Station Approach car park, pointing towards the Memorial, and the track from the car park to the memorial has been cleared.

The steps leading up the South Slope have been repaired, widened in places, and the gorse and other scrub cut back. The “temporary” fence at the top of the South Slope has been removed. Sleepers have been placed at the top of the bare track which was used by the contractors during the felling, to prevent any further erosion of the surface.

The two ponds in the vicinity of the sand pit have been cleared, and in due course it is hoped the wildlife will return. Already dragonflies have been seen there. The top layer of mud and vegetation will shortly be lightly scraped in order to assist in this.

Fly tipping remains a problem on the Heath. Recently we discovered a dismantled shed dumped near the track leading from the station to The Ridings. It surely would have been far less trouble simply to take it to the local recycling centre!

September 7th, 2014